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At Moser’s

moser 2

When our friends from 341 Production here in Bergamo asked us to join them during a non-traditional day of work we didn’t really know what to expect, but these great photographers and filmmakers proved to know us very well. They took us on a day trip to Trento (IT), where the champion Francesco Moser lives and works nowadays. The purpose was to interview him as a part of a bigger project they’re working on for Vittoria, the Italian bicycle tire company. You should check out some more of the jobs they’ve been doing lately here and here, because they are really quite amazing. A chance to spend an entire day with a champion like Francesco doesn’t come very often, not to mention to be able to look around in his “garage”. The guys from 341, as already said, are currently working on a big project, and we’re afraid you have to wait for their clip to be released to know more about our day, we’ll keep you posted. For now, we’d like to give you a little preview through a few pictures, enjoy! Super Prestige Mexico City 1984 Stuttgart 1988 Mexico City 1994

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Happy in Helsinki


Check out how good the F. Moser looks at the Helsinki Velodrome, covered in snow!… Pekka, the new owner, just sent some really cool pictures of his new baby that he bought from us. Full Campy equipped and in pristine condition, made out of Columbus SLX tubing. We already miss it a little. I’m sure that as soon as the snow melts, both bike and owner will be even happier in Helsinki. To our costumers who are reading this post, I’d like to ask you for a favor. It would be really nice if you sent some pictures of the bikes you bought from us. Our bikes end up in very different parts of the world and we’re planning to make a photo gallery with all of you and your bikes. Now enjoy Pekka’s extra pics…

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on ebay: F.Moser 51.151 – (1987)


You will find the auction at this link. Riding one of his special track frames, Francesco Moser obtained the hour world record of 51.151 km in 1984. This handmade bicycle celebrates that record. Made in 1987 out of the best steel available, the Columbus SLX, this bike is truly professional with all the sweet details, like Moser signed lugs and Campy dropouts. It’s actually fully Campy equipped with a mixture of Super Record and Triomphe series. Really beautiful and rare paint scheme. Collector’s item. The bicycle is really well kept, excellent general condition. It shows 2 minor scratches on the downtube, please look at the pictures. NO PEDALS. Clincher might need to be changed.

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