Gianni Motta & Gianni Motta

A stunning Gianni Motta model “pista inseguimento” with a 24″ front wheel is something rare to come across, especially if preserved and well kept as this one.  Now, it’s even more rare… the frame have been  autographed by Gianni Motta himself, that we tracked down and found doing some gardening at home!  Now we know where you live Gianni, we’ll be back!Gianni Motta E1

Gianni Motta E2

Gianni Motta E3

Gianni Motta E4

Gianni Motta E5   Gianni Motta E10




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2 Responses to Gianni Motta & Gianni Motta

  1. Alvuz says:

    Però che giardino che ha il signor Motta!!

    Che tubi sono?

  2. eroicacicli says:

    Tubi Columbus PL

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