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It has been a while since the last post, we know… but it was even longer since our last visit to one of the most innovative framebuilders of the Italian school. Mr. Stelio Belletti, founder of “Stelbel” back in the 70′s. We already told you the story of Mr. Stelio, and how he bacame the first one using a TIG torch on a bicycle frame. The purpose of our recent visit was our wish to get a special touch on one of the latest frames we restored, a Stelbel of course.

Why apply the original signature decal when you can get the real signature from the guy who build the frame back in the mid 80′s?

This frame is a real masterpiece, a lot of care and effort was put in the making, it is also pretty light. More pictures and all details on the selling page.

Mr. Stelio is always really happy to see one of his creatures coming back, and it was  so interesting to hear about all the tiny details and stories he told us, related to the making of it.

Grazie Sig. Stelio, always a great pleasure…

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